Unique Challenges for Family-Owned and Closely-Held Businesses

Clients seeking our services generally cite one or more of the following concerns for their business:

Succession Planning:

How do you make a smooth transition from one generation to the next? How do you pass ownership and plan for future management of the company in a way which is both fair and effective?

Organizational Structure:

What is an appropriate organizational design and structure for the company as it grows?

Competence Issues:

Are individuals well suited to their jobs and the business? How can the senior generation accept "letting go" of the reins as a positive step?

Strategic Direction:

How should strategic planning be integrated with succession planning?


How does a business improve ways of communicating and decision-making at all levels?

Clients seeking our services frequently are concerned over the following family issues:

Family/Business Overlap:

How can we manage personal relationships and business ties successfully? How can we successfully function in our multiple roles?

Communication Difficulties:

How can we talk about issues that are potentially hurtful or upsetting?

Managing Differences:

How can we more effectively deal with conflict and solve problems?

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